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  • Mica

    Mica is a generic term applied to a group

    of complex aluminosilicate minerals

    having a sheet or plate like structure.

    It forms in flat, six sided monoclinic crystals

    that have perfect basal cleavage and large surfaces.

    It is capable of easily splitting into thin, flat films.  

       Chemically, mica is a complex silicate of aluminum

    and alkalis with hydroxyl.  Some varieties may contain

    impurities of iron, magnesium, lithium, fluorine,

    barium, manganese and vanadium. 

        It is because of its perfect basal cleavage and its chemical and physical properties, that mica is a very valuable and desired mineral in many ways. No other substance found in nature possesses all the properties of mica.

    Properties of Mica

        Mica possesses some of the most outstanding combinations of physical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties which are not found in any other product.  The crystalline structure forms the layers that are so easily delaminated into sheets.  Mica is chemically inert, a non-conductor of electricity ( dielectric ), elastic, flexible, readily absorbs water ( hydrophilic ), insulating, lightweight, reflective, flat and broad ( platy ), refractive, resilient, and can range from transparent to opaque as needed.  Mica is stable when exposed to light, moisture, and extreme temperature.  It is inert to the action of water, most acids, oil, and is virtually unaffected by atmospheric action.

  • K2 Jasper

    K2 as it is commonly named, is an extremely

    rare and powerful stone, found in the foothills

    of the world’s second highest mountain, Mount

    K2 in Pakistan. This stone is named both after

    the mountain and the country of it’s origin,

    Afghanistan. The unique looking stone is gray

    granite with a mix of a brilliant blue that some

    think is azurite inclusions, while others say

    jasper or maybe even apatite!

    This stone is a must for the serious crystal healer! It has many healing properties. If you want to promote harmony and connection within your work and family groups, communicate your deepest thoughts and feelings, and have more control over your emotions, this stone is a must! K2 helps the user become more grounded, balanced and live in harmony. This high vibrational stone aids the user in developing a deeper sense of empathy and compassion. It is also helpful in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorders.

    On the physical plane, K2 relieves migraines and headaches caused by psychic blockages. K2 helps strengthen bones. On the spiritual plane, this stone facilitates our connection to Source, can help us access the Akashic Records and is a valuable tool for use in soul retrieval.

    Afghanite or K2 is a stone that promotes goodwill and peace among all. If you want to resolve inner conflict and learn that in order to have peace outside, there must be peace within, get this stone and use it now!

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