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  • Seabuckthorn

    Seabuckthorn is known as miracle plant for

    its multipurpose uses in food, medicine

    and cosmetic industries and soil biodiversity conservation.

    It is naturally growing on 3000 hectares with annual production

    of 1200-2500 metric tons fresh berries. The communities

    were using seabuckthorn just for fuel, forage and fencing purposes only.

  • Buck Wheat

    Buckwheat's Numerous Benefits and Nutritional

    and Medicinal Value Makes it a Healthy Choice

    for Today's Health Conscious Consumers"

    Buckwheat nutrition facts

    Buckwheat is neither a cereal grain

    nor related to the wheat. It is, in fact, a seed

    but handled in a similar way like any other common

    cereal grains. Binomially, it belongs within the family

    of Polygonaceae, which also include sorrel, rhubarb,

    Japanese knotweed, etc. Scientific name is Fagopyrum esculentum.

    The crop was first cultivated in the high plains of southeastern China and Himalay and mountain area of Pakistan as centuries ago, and has been staple food of the inhabitants much before rice and other cereal grains gradually replaced its cultivation. Its grains, indeed, provided much needed essential nutrients, protein, fats and minerals to the inhabitants during early civilizations, enabling them to thrive well under inhospitable terrains. Recently, there has been a renewed interest in its revival as routine crops among the nutrition scienists.

  • Apricot Oil

    Apricot Oil is typical product of Gilgit-Baltistan

    and Baltistan is called the Land of Apricot .

    More than 2490 Tons of Apricot Kernels

    is produced annually in Baltistan Region in

    which 1395 tons is bitter while remaining quantity

    is sweet kernel but less than 10 % is processed,

    about 20% is domestically being consumed for

    different purposes and rest of quatity is being sold at raw material.

    AOE is producing pure apricot oil, from organically grown apricot kernels through scientific processing and refining in a hygienic environment to sell under brand name of “Mountain Gold” to the quality, beauty and brand conscious customers of the high-end society in Pakistan . Currently 6 products (Apricot Hair Oil, Massage Oi, Facial Oil, Moisturizing Cream Apricot Scrub and Apricot Lotion) are available in the market and research work are being carried out to strengthen the product line. AOE trained 10 millers in quality production and 12 females in cosmetic formulation/production.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items