Pakistan is rich in such mineral resources as barite, coal, copper, iron ore, limestone, Mica, K2 Jassper and salt, and the identified resources of copper and iron ore are large. The country produced a variety of industrial minerals and some metallic minerals. Pakistan also has extensive energy resources and is known to have moderate oil reserves, sizable gas reserves, the potential for coal, and large hydropower potential. In the past several years, gas and oil production met only about one-half of the country’s energy needs, but exploitation of energy resources continued to be slow owing to a shortage of capital and to political instability.


The Pakistan National Tariff Commission announced a tax to control the exportation of scrap metals, such as copper, zinc, and other metals. China was a major importer of such materials from Pakistan. The recent increase in Pakistan’s exports of these materials led to increased domestic metal prices, which damaged the interests of domestic manufacturers.

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