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Apricot Oil benefits

This is an article that talks about Apricot oil benefits for a great and health skin.

Skin is the mirror of one’s health. Exposure to Sun and harsh UV rays, pollution, and consumption of processed food affects the Skin texture.  All these lead to premature aging of skin. Aging may be premature or may happen naturally as one  gets older this affects the texture, tone and appearance of the skin. Aging weakens the body’s ability to produce collagen and hence the top layer of the skin becomes thin. All the aforesaid conditions are the causative factors for wrinkles. Whether one likes it or not, wrinkles of the skin occur as people age.

Apricot kernel and Almond are the nature’s gift to handle skin problems especially the wrinkle problems. Apricot also known as Prenus Armeniaca, has the highest level and widest variety of Carotenoids. Carotenoids are Yellow to red pigments and are found widely in plants. Carotenoids have great antioxidant properties.

Apricot kernel’s contains essential, fatty acids like Oleic and Linoleic acids. The Linoleic acid that is present in Apricot kernels is essential to the skin’s barrier function.

From historical times, Apricot kernel oil is used to relieve itching, inflammation and dryness of skin. It spreads easily on the skin and is effective in prematurely aging of skin and it also moisturizes dry skin. This Apricot kernel oil has also nourishing and revitalizing properties.

Wrinkles also occur on the skin due to free radicals which are produced in response to UV radiation and pollutants. Hence anti wrinkle creams should contain antioxidants and effective nutrients to enable skin to build new cells and grow collagen.

Apricot kernel oil is rich with Vit – A. This Vitamin helps to reduce wrinkles associated with Natural skin aging.

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Vitamin A can be applied to the skin topically with creams to promote cell growth.

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Anti wrinkle creams that have Almond and Apricot kernel oils along with Cucumber, Funnel and Lemon are more potent and effective as they dispense excellent Anti wrinkle benefits, prevent wrinkles and lines occurring due to ageing and dry skin. These  anti wrinkle creams assist in keeping the skin more supple, smoother and softer and they are effective in all skin types.

These creams help skin to overcome the visible signs of aging by their moisturizing properties and all the ingredients work together in synergy to remove the wrinkles. One such product in the market is Apricot & Almond Anti Wrinkle cream.