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08 August Birthstone – Peridot

Every month has their own special gemstone and in August, this is the gorgeously green peridot. This is a small gem that is most commonly used for bracelets or beaded necklaces. There may be a lot that you do not know about this unique gemstone option. Today we will discuss all the facts that you need to know about the peridot including where it comes from and any other interesting facts to know. You may never look at this gemstone the same again after you realize all of these incredible things, such as how it can come from space.

Unique Properties Of Peridot

Peridot gems are rare and are one of the only gems that comes in only one color. While it really does only come in an olive green color, the tint and intensity of this color can very between individual gems. This is because of how much iron is contained within the structure of the crystal. This causes the exact coloring to vary between yellowish to a brownish-green as well as in a perfectly olive green color. The most valuable color variant of peridot is a dark olive green. Interestingly, peridot is considered to be a type of olivine, a rather abundant mineral that can be found in lava and in meteorites though gem quality varieties can be rare. That’s right: peridot gems have actually been found in pallasite meteorites. These gems can come from space. It can also be mined from certain areas such as Tanzania, certain areas of the United States, and various other locations across the globe.

august birthstone peridot

Cultural Significance

In some areas, peridot actually symbolizes something important to the culture. For instance, in Hawaii this gem symbolizes the tears of their goddess Pele, who is their goddess of fire and volcanos. Others from the ancient times believed it symbolized the sun. Some people believe that the peridot brings the person wearing it power and influence. It is also said to bring a wonderful year to whomever is wearing it. Other people believe that this gem has healing properties in addition to other magical powers, such as helping to protect the wearer from nightmares. During the Middle Ages, this was used as a way to ward off the evil spirits who are looking to do harm.

august birthstone peridot

Peridot gemstones are actually among the oldest known gemstones. Ancient Egyptians created beads from this gem. Other ancient cultures like the Romans and Greek popularly used peridot for their pendants, rings, and inlays among other items. During the Crusades, these were commonly mistaken for emeralds and used as ornaments in churches. In the Ottoman Empire the peridot was highly regarded as a prized gem. Even in today’s culture this is a prized gem as it is part of the Russian crown jewels, where you can find a 192 carat peridot in the Kremlin.

This gem, which can be sometimes referred to as the “evening emerald” is really an under-appreciated gem that is actually quite stunning. It also has a rich history, making it truly a conversational piece in your jewelry.

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