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11 November Birthstone – Citrine and Topaz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]It’s November, which means Autumn leaves are fading into the coming winter breeze. Along with harvesting for winter, preparing for the holidays and cozying up with your loved ones, it is the birth month for the Sagittarius’ in the world. And what better way to celebrate them than with a personalized birthstone gift?

Birthstones are a selective and personalized way of showing someone just how special they are to you. Especially with gems as stunning as the November birthstones! So, what is the birthstone for November?

From fire to ice, read on as we explore the amazing birthstones of November!

What is the Birthstone for November?

November is such a special month because it has not one, but two birthstones: Topaz and Citrine. Each is unique to itself and provides the option of choosing a cool tone, or warm tone.

Topaz comes in a rich, beautiful blue, mimicking the cool winter temperatures. However, it’s also available in a wide spectrum of colors from blue to fiery red and orange. Citrine is naturally a warm orange tone, emulating a crackling fireplace or the fading Autumn leaves.

The depths of each of these November birthstones are rich and intriguing. As the holidays rapidly approach, gifts are naturally on your mind. Don’t forget about the November babies! November birthstones make a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these stunning November birthstones.

Topaz Birthstone

Topaz is a diverse gemstone that exists in an array of beautiful colors, from colorless to pink. This means you’re not limited when hand-picking a topaz birthstone. Whether your favorite color is blue, yellow, orange, red, pink or champagne–there is a topaz gemstone with your name on it.

What is Topaz?

Topaz is a dynamic gemstone that is highly valued and prized for its hardness, clarity and stunning beauty. With a hardness of 8 on the MOHS hardness scale , topaz is 3rd in hardness next to Sapphires (9) and Diamonds (10). There are two different types of topaz, so let’s have a look at each one.

  1. Topaz – A precious and intensely saturated yellow gemstone from Brazil that is color-treated to transform into a radiant blue
  2. Imperial Topaz – Originally discovered in Russia as a red crystal. Its name comes from 17th-century Russian Tsars who claimed ownership over this sunset-hued gemstone. Imperial topaz comes from both Russia and Brazil.

The most famous and readily available color of topaz is a beautiful, watery blue. However, it can also be found colorless or with champagne hues. These types of topaz gemstones are often mistaken for Quartz because of the similarities in coloring. Modern testing is required to distinguish between topaz and quartz because they are so commonly confused.

Fire and Ice - All About the November Birthstones

How does topaz get its water blue hue? With special treatment to transform the natural brown color of topaz to a bright, brilliant and sparkling blue, like the glistening surface of the ocean. It’s no surprise topaz is a beloved gemstone, especially by people with November birthdays!

So, what special meanings does topaz have?

Meanings of Topaz

There is lovely symbolism surrounding topaz. The name “topaz,” is derived from the Greek word “topazion,” which came from the Sanskrit word for “fire.” Why would a blue gemstone be named after fire? Well, remember that topaz comes in many colors, and blue topaz is treated. Still, topaz has significant spiritual meanings.

Topaz symbolizes love, affection, and sweetness and has a vibrant history that spans centuries and cultures. During medieval times, Saxon rulers wore topaz jewelry and breastplates. And even far before that, ancient Egyptians wore yellow topaz which represented the sun god, Ra, due to its fiery yellow tone. Through millennia, topaz has held special meaning and significance to all walks of life.

Presently, topaz is the November birthstone and invites creative energy, concentration, and good fortune. This dynamic birthstone has many powerful healing properties and is believed to help heal depression, promote productivity and balance emotions.

Now that we’ve covered one November birthstone, let’s have a look at the next one!

Citrine Birthstone

If topaz is cherished for its bright blue color, citrine is equally adored for its intense warm hue. Citrine is exclusively available in an intensely saturated, soft yellow tone. Let’s explore the unique qualities that make this November birthstone so appealing.

What is Citrine?

Citrine is part of the Quartz family, with a hexagonal crystal structure. Originating from countries like Brazil, Africa, and Spain, there is an ample supply of this beautiful gemstone. While the most prized citrine gemstones are a warm yellow, there are hues available from pale yellow to honey and golden yellow to nearly brown. The most cherished and sought after citrine color is fiery orange. One of the most captivating qualities of citrine is the rainbow sparkle that reflects from within the gemstone.

Citrine comes from the French word, “citron,” which means (no surprises here) lemon. Who doesn’t love a sparkling lemon-hued jewel? This durable gemstone ranks number 7 on the hardness scale and makes for eye-catching jewelry.

Fire and Ice - All About the November Birthstones

Meanings of Citrine

Known as the “Light Maker,” Citrine represents vitality, promotes health and is used as a healing crystal. Citrine is the Zodiac sign for Sagittarius, making it a beautiful gift for the Sagittarius in your life! This healing gemstone is filled with bright, exuberant energy. Citrine is also treasured as a healing aid for the circulatory system, cleansing the blood, kidneys and vital organs. In Feng Shui, citrine is believed to generate prosperity, wealth and abundance.

November Birthstone Jewelry

The wonderful thing about these November birthstones is that you have the option to choose which one you love best! Topaz and Citrine are each unique and beautiful in their own special way, just like you are! Whether you choose to wear a matching topaz jewelry set, a gorgeous citrine ring, or mix and match both gems together, the possibilities for wearing November birthstone jewelry are plenty!

Whether you’re buying birthstone jewelry for yourself, or want to give a gift to someone special, you can’t go wrong with these stunning gemstones. To personalize your birthstone jewelry, buy loose topaz or citrine gemstones and have a custom jewelry set created![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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